Directions to the Bailey Creek 55k + Relay:

ADDRESS: 160 Pioneer Road, Soda Springs, Idaho

**Please carpool whenever possible!!

**Obey all posted speed-limits en route to the event

From the town of Soda Springs, Idaho, take East 4th South (Bailey Creek Rd) all the way to Bailey Creek (about 4.5 miles). After going under the Bailey Creek Archway: Continue straight for 0.25 miles, then go RIGHT on Old Oregon Rd. Stay on Old Oregon Road for 1 mile until you see PIONEER ROAD on your left… Turn down Pioneer Rd and follow signs to the race parking area on the left-hand side. After parking, bring large bags or clearly labeled coolers to the right of the wooden fence and wait for a support vehicle to come pick them up for you (from 4:00-8:00pm on Friday only, otherwise you’re on your own!) Once your gear is loaded in the shuttle, grab your pack and continue walking down Pioneer Road, following signs to the start/finish area (the start/finish/camping area is about 0.6 miles from the parking lot).

**The shuttle will only be available from 4-8pm on Friday and is only available for equipment, not passengers… The equipment shuttle will leave the parking lot every ½ hour.
Please plan accordingly!


Whispering Pines and Affable Aspens…Bashful Bluebirds and Barbaric Bigfoots…Prepare yourself for a challenging and beautiful course, with a few ‘surprise encounters’ along the way! 

As with all trail races, we recommend uploading the course GPX to either your phone or watch. That being said– The trail is very easy to follow, and all turns are well marked with large multi-colored pennant flags and directional signs. The course is essentially a figure-eight: The upper section is 3.1 miles, and the lower is 2.25 miles. These two sections have a 0.25 mile‘out-n-back’ connector trail between them. The trail is a mix of double/single track trail with NO ASPHALT and NO SIGNS OF CIVILIZATION along the way. From start to finish, each complete loop is 5.85 miles with 1260 feet of elevation gain and 1260 feet of loss. The entire 6-loop course is 35.1 miles with just under 7600 feet of vert.

 Participant directions from the start: 

Racers head up a double-track dirt trail for 0.15 miles before following signs RIGHT up a rocky slope. At 0.41 miles, runners are directed RIGHT to begin a 3.1 mile ‘mini-loop’ in a counter-clockwise direction. At 0.85 miles, the double-track trail begins a lovely 1-mile descent with views of Soda Springs and the valley below. At 1.83 miles, racers follow markings LEFT as they quickly begin to buy back all the elevation lost in the previous mile, climbing through a quiet and shaded coniferous forest. The climb tops out at 6800 feet at mile 2.7, where you have roughly 0.75 miles (mostly downhill) to get back to the start of the connector trail. After 0.25 of rocky downhill doubletrack, you’ll be directed RIGHT (a sharp 180 degree turn) where you will enjoy a gentle single-track climb through aspens and pines alongside a bubbling brook. After crossing the picturesque Bailey Creek Bridge at mile 4.72, follow signs LEFT down a generous and FAST double-track path–The final 1+ mile is nearly all downhill with fantastic footing. Your final few steps will likely take you past the tent where you snoozed the night before– But don’t dawdle! Your final task is to stride through the creek before tagging a teammate or grabbing some aid-station grub for yourself before continuing on!


Unlike some races that offer limited chances for wildlife… We all but GUARANTEE a few Sasquatch sightings! Take a selfie if you dare… But refrain from touching one of our woodland beasts (we promise that if you don’t touch them, they won’t touch you!) 

**Feel free to ADD TO THE FUN by wearing a bigfoot-themed costume to the Pre-race meeting!

Link to Topo-Maps (one loop)

Elevation Profile for one loop

Elevation Profile for all 6 loops combined,-111.59575&z=15&b=mbt


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"Believe in yourself, even if nobody else will" - Papa Squatch

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