Relay Teams

Unless you smell worse than a Sasquatch, you probably have friends… Why not bring them on an epic adventure through a monster-filled forest?!? Savvy adventurers know the value of having a teammate along, whether you are trail-racing or sniffing out a Sasquatch lair. 

RELAY TEAM INSTRUCTIONS: One partner runs while the others relax at camp…After ‘partner A’ tags their partner in the exchange zone, ‘partner B’ is ready to run! Relay teams of 2, 3, or 6 runners will compete in several unique divisions of various ages and genders… Select your relay team carefully, as all team members must fit all the criteria for your team to be eligible for awards.  All relay teams will select their own team strategy, declaring on Friday in which order runners will complete the 6 required loops.


Each teammate will run 3 loops, in the order your team declares on Friday night

‘TRIPLE TERROR’’ DIVISION (3-Person teams)

Each teammate will run 2 loops, in the order your team declares on Friday night


Each teammate will run 1 loop, in the order your team declares on Friday night


All relay-team runners are eligible for one of 2 ‘fastest loop’ awards, given to the fastest single loop finished before noon (fastest ‘relay’ female and male–This award is a battle between individuals participating on any size relay team)

In addition, all relay teams will compete for additional awards for being the fastest team (compared against teams of their same size) in an ‘Open’ division (any age), and ‘Masters’ division (age 40+) in the following categories:

‘Savage Squatch’ category (co-ed, meaning, at least 1 male and 1 female; 6-person co-ed teams must have an equal number of male/female runners)

‘Sister Squatch’ category (all females)

‘Bigfoot Boys’ category (all males)

Each Relay division also has its own ‘Special Sasquatch’ award, unique to each division.

‘Double-Trouble’ Special Sasquatch Award for the overall fastest 2-person team in the following category: 

‘Senior Squatch’ category (any genders, all ages 55+)

‘Triple-Terror’ Special Sasquatch Award for the overall fastest 3-person team in the following category:

‘Furry Family’ category** (Any genders or ages as long as you are all directly related by blood or marriage)

‘Bigfoot Bonanza’ Special Sasquatch Awards for the overall fastest 6-person teams in the following categories:

‘Bigfoot Brothers’ High School Boys category**** 

‘Sasquatch Sisters’ High School Girls category ****

****High School Runners must be entering 9-12th grade in the fall. Younger runners may participate only with permission from the Race Director.

***There are a total of 85 awards designated for RELAY TEAM runners!

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"Believe in yourself, even if nobody else will" - Papa Squatch

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